LMBO is all about investing - now and for the future, ethically and successfully

Groupe LMBO is an investment firm launched in 1986 by Gérard Favarel. It is involved in setting up and managing a diverse portfolio of existing companies or companies that are in the process of being created, developed or changing hands. In its 25 years of activity, Groupe LMBO has carried out almost 70 operations, and has been outperforming the LBO finds ever since its creation.

Its strategy is based on its code of ethics and is guided by a convergence in the interests of all parties - the key to success for any firm.

Its investments are fully in line with the objectives of the Fondation du Littoral. A company foundation of Groupe LMBO set up in 2005, the Fondation du Littoral promotes the sustainable development of coastal areas in partnership with local players.

In anticipation of evolutions in market needs, Groupe LMBO has created Quasi Capital®, a new asset class and tool for financing companies that are in a development or transmission phase. Quasi Capital® has been deployed in a number of the Group's holdings. 

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